dfbm #66 ~ When You Are Around

dfbm #66 ~ When You Are Around

dfbm #66 ~ When You Are Around

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Is that Jeremy Earl from psych folk rockers Woods out of Brooklyn on the cover? Most probably not. Maybe his mom and his dad. But who ever these two are, the picture is a great cover for this collection of songs. Old and new, homerecorded folk music for your listening pleasure.

You'll find a beautiful new song by Ryley Walker, that got recorded by the Fretboard-Journal (some guitar nerd mag - I guess in this publication they are geeking out about certain guitar brands and go nuts about a National neck screwed to a Gibson bodyor crazy things like that).

Then there is the transformation of an old banjo tune by Uncle Dave Macon into a slow psych rock burner by Heaven and Earth Magic a project by Anthony Pasquarosa and Zac Johnson. Pasquarosa got featured several times, because his output is so diverse and alson hard to find. 

Also on board, the wonderful Allysen Callery who is coming to tour Europe in October, together with Ryan Lee Crosby (sorry I forgot to put you on) and from a same kind of family, The Great Park who recorded with Kitchen, one of my favorite folk records this year.

The Lukas Read tracks on this and the previous mix are exclusive, because he's still working on a new album which is planned to be released on Dying For Bad Music.

I hope you'll enjoy this collection. Any feedback is appreciated, share it or transfer it to a C90 compact cassette.

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  1. The Skygreen Leopards ~ Mascara Priscilla – (from Family Crimes, 2014) amazon
  2. Allysen Callery ~ Blackwaterside – (from Allysen Callery - Folk Radio UK Session 2014 EP, 2014) web
  3. Tom Brosseau ~ Today Is A Bright New Day – (from Grass Punks, 2014) web
  4. The Great Park ~ Whistle – (from Kitchen, 2014) web
  5. Jaye Bartell ~ Paper barge – (2014) web
  6. Wes Tirey ~ Come Home (The End is Near Blues) – (from O Annihilator, 2014) web
  7. Gregory Rago ~ The Arctic Balloon Expedition of 1897 – (from Sophie Blanchard Falls to Her Death, 2008) web
  8. Ryley Walker ~ Hide in the Roses – (from Fredboard Jounals, ) web
  9. Tucker Theodore ~ The Way Home – (from To Make The Sun Hurt, 2013) web
  10. Holiday Rambler ~ Heraclitus 91 – (from Before the Dove, There Come a Tiger, 2014) web
  11. O. Cohen ~ A Day's Journey On Mount Carmel – (from Picture of a Sunny Day, 2014) web
  12. Victor Florence ~ When You Are Around – () web
  13. Bad Braids ~ White Mane – (from Supreme Parallel, 2014) web
  14. Ned Roberts ~ Blues #6 – (from Blues #6, 2013) web
  15. Peter Bonneman ~ Sangen Om Hans Mindei – (from Split, 2009) web
  16. Crystalline Roses ~ Home Is Where You're Happy – (from Split, 2009) web
  17. Moses Nesh ~ Down On Me – (from The Lovely Ohio, 2014) web
  18. Lukas Read ~ Creacher Jump – (from Sam Sings, ) web
  19. Heaven And Earth Magic ~ Oh Lovin' Babe – (from Complete Works, 2014) web
  20. Smoke Dawson ~ Connaughtman's Rambles/Devil's Dream/Marche Venerie – (from Fiddle, 2014) amazon
  21. Ben Collier ~ Crowley Waltz – (from Reels, Rags, & Relics, 2014) web
  22. Stringbean ~ Train Special 500 – (from Cullman 6416, ) web
  23. C.Strøm ~ Johnny Todd – (from I have heard of a land, 2014) web
  24. Johnny Baker ~ Rodeo Call – () web
  25. Uncle Dave Macon ~ Oh Lovin' Babe – () amazon
  26. C.Strøm ~ I have heard of a Land – (from I have heard of a land, 2014) web
  27. Andrew Bowsher ~ The Whippoorwill Wail {1932} – (from Porthcawl Primitive, 2011) web
  28. E.C. Ball with Orna Ball ~ Trials, Troubles, Tribulations – (from E.C. Ball With Orna Ball & The Friendly Gospel Singers, 1973) web
  29. Ben Collier ~ Doing Fine Rag – (from Reels, Rags, & Relics, 2014) web
  30. Justin Pigott & Crystalline Roses ~ My Yellow Mama – (from Split, 2009) web
  31. Mr. & Mrs. Smith ~ I ain't nothin special – (from You picked em, 2014) web
  32. the modern folk ~ shake – (from american mountain, 2014) web

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