Sad Simon - Songs

Sad Simon

Sad Simon - Songs

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A sad young man from a tiny northern country singing sad songs in best bedroom folk fashion with hints to dusty Americana.

"It's the same old sad Simon, it's same old sad song, It's the same, It's the same, I'm so sad"

Sometimes it reminds me on early more minimal Timber Timbre (My impossible love), but most of the time I can't recall anyone to compare to. There are so many Singer-Songwriters out there and Simon is one whose music just struck a chord with me. One likes that or not. You have to check it yourself.

It's perfect fall time music and if you don't feel sad, don't worry... This must be heaven I'm almost dead...

"A Cowboy with his hat, how can you resist that - Country'n Western..."

This was recommended by my friend David aka Moongazing Hare who always  recommended good music to me so far. 

David was also so kind to translate this found foto of Swedish emigrants.

"Macoun, 27th

Dear Maria! We have heard from Sven and Mali that you were very sick with rheumatism. How are things with you now? [I] hope you are better. I have waited for a letter from you for so long, but I suppose you have not been well. We all have our health. Do you recognize these? The bottom card has been taken out at Peter’s place and the other one here. I have taken them myself, so I couldn’t be in them. The cards I took of you and the children didn’t turn out. They hadn’t put in the film for me properly. I hope to hear soon that you are doing better. Warm regards from Nils and Alma. Give our best to Ellen, if she is still there.”

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