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Stag Hare - Spirit Canoes

Stag Hare
Spirit Canoes

Genre: new new age, psychedelic relax music Label: Inner Island (Vinyl) / Hands in the Dark Records (CD) Stag Hare and the Inner Island crew should be well known, for their unique relaxing, „love & peace & mother earth“ ambient sound. …
Mixtape #37 - Summer´s Bliss

Mixtape #37
Summer´s Bliss

Genre: Lo-Fi Indie Surf Electro Folk Noise Pop I must admit that I haven´t done a mixtape since…perceived ages. So this is finally a new one and a very good one, too, without being conceited ;-) It should not be kind of a "real" summer mixtap …
Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish

Kiran Leonard
The Big Fish

Genre: Kinderzimmer Prog Rock Label: self This is some real Progressiv-Rock wankery. Jazzed, nervous, epic. Sounds like a record from your fathers collection. That stuff where he play air-guitar and imagine he is with Phil Collins in a band, or s …
Octant - Octant


Genre: Dubstep Chamber Folk Label: self Ok, the Dubstep reference is a bit misleading, but I like it together with the Chamber Folk tags and in these days Dubstep is the shit and everyone try to participate somehow. But this is not true for Octan …
Twilite - Else EP

Else EP

Genre: Indie Folk Label: Ampersand Records Music from Easten Europe is pretty rare on international market (over- and underground). I don't know why. But maybe I am just not focused on that field (even if I live near Poland and Czechoslovakia). …
Hiss Hog Porkestra - Peter Schlemihl

Hiss Hog Porkestra
Peter Schlemihl

Genre: Ancient Chamber Folk, Piano Music Label: SOYLIBRE06 - Soy Libre Nick Castell, also active under the moniker Hiss Hog Porkestra, released a new album after his great exploration of folk music on Cinnamon Shops Suite. Peter Schlemihl sounds …
​Least Carpet / Baldruin - Split Tape

​Least Carpet / Baldruin
Split Tape

Genre: Psych Folk/Experimental Label: sicsic Tapes Something new from our beloved Least Carpet project, here on a split tape with Baldruin. Both artist are related to the Phantom Limbo crew, who are very prolific event manager, musicans, radio ma …
The New Lines - Please Fall In Love / A Lonely Industry

The New Lines
Please Fall In Love / A Lonely Industry

Genre: Sixties Space Psych Pop Label: don't know - get the 7" via bandcamp Please fall in love with all these lovely, spacy sounds, with the organ, the reverbed booming drums. Reminds me sometimes on Papercuts or Stereo …
Sudden and Subtle - Adrift

Sudden and Subtle

Genre: Indie Garage Pop Label: Very Nice Dementia And yes, another release from DFBM most loved label, Very Nice Dementia from Marshalltown/Iowa. Host of Land of Blood and Sunshine, Brooks Strause, Rebecca Frankenstein and Sudden and …

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