Twilite - Else EP

Recorded and produced in Club Dragon, Poznan, April 2010 by Piotr Maciejewski and Maciej Frycz.
Artwork by Katarzyna Jendroska

All songs by Twilite.


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Else EP

Twilite - Else EP

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Genre: Indie Folk
Label: Ampersand Records

Music from Easten Europe is pretty rare on international market (over- and underground). I don't know why. But maybe I am just not focused on that field (even if I live near Poland and Czechoslovakia). I understand if the lyrics are in their native language, it sounds unusual, but on the other side, "everybody" loves Sigur Ros, or the Finnish Freak Folk fairies.
In the past we featured some great stuff from the East, like Motorama, Утро, Coldair and Kyst and much more and we are happy to introduce Twilite from Poland.
They play some really nice and well-crafted Indie Folk and they sing in English. So don't fear and give them a try.
And if they opened for José González, Whitest Boy Alive and Twilight Singers it must be quality shit, not?

Quiet Giant is their latest album. The Else EP is for free download via Bandcamp

Visit their website for more information


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