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Jaye Bartell ~ Loyalty

Jaye Bartell ~ Loyalty

I accidently clicked somewhere a link to youtube and ended up at a weird video by Jaye Bartell. I liked his voice from the beginning, it was haunting and it sounded almost a bit off. It reminded me on something I wasn't able to name. Later I foun …
The Haiduks - 1968

The Haiduks

How to start a good review? Short introduction of the artist, then praise the album to the sky? Somewhere in 2011 I stumbled upon the clip Use up my time by The Haiduks and get into this sunburned, fuzzy and worn-out sound from one second to anot …
The Market Squares - Afternoon Tide b/w Inside My Mind 7"

The Market Squares
Afternoon Tide b/w Inside My Mind 7"

I am a sucker for sixties garage psych and I am ok with any retro sounding new band. They might not add something new to the wave of psychedelic pop in the sixties, but they keep up the spirit. So, beside Jacco Gardner from the Netherlands there is P …
Foxygen - Take the Kids Off Broadway

Take the Kids Off Broadway

So these two 22 years old guys seem to re-record a recordcollection with The Kinks records in it, David Bowie, Scott Walker, Queen, The Rolling Stones (very much!) and what else was hot in the mid-seventies. Their approach is similar to MGMT' …
Expwy - Bag of Waters

Bag of Waters

Quirky fuzz pop, with some sixties references and tons of reverb and e-organ, but without water down and drench the whole mix. Tons of surprises and good vibrations from Canada. Check out Cargo: Headstones …
Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air

Jacco Gardner
Clear The Air

Oh man, how is time fleeting? Over a year ago, I posted the awesome Freakbeat duo The Skywalkers, with their original sixties drum'n'organ sound. Now Jacco Gardner, part of the duo, is going to release a 7" with two super catchy, psyched …
Carloman - s/t


Chamber Pop, Baroque Pop, Psych Pop self If Walther von der Vogelweide lives today, he would make music like this. Ok, not really, Walther was a bit later than the real Carloman. Maybe as late as this Carloman play music from around 50 years ago. I …
Mixtape #38 - I left for you

Mixtape #38
I left for you

Genre: folk, indie, psych - what else The shit we listen to on heavy rotation. Most of the stuff you will find here on blog, so come back and grab the files if you like a track. Hope you'll enjoy. Macaw - Five Minutes At the Rainforest Cafe - - 2 …
Deeper Peace - s/t

Deeper Peace

Genre: Bedroom Psych Label: self This is related to the previous Mmoss post, because it's solo stuff of one of the dudes. Similar to Mmoss, but a bit more on the lofi, bedroom side. But still playful psychedelica with toy instruments, fuzz and bu …

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