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Shadow Folk – Seagull Visions

Shadow Folk – Seagull Visions

Canadian Neo-Psychedelia for sunny Sunday mornings or a rainy Tuesday morning. This rides on the waves of the New Wave of Neo-Psychedelia (if there is something like that, just thinking on Jaccor Gardner, The Haiduks, Paul Messis, The Sufis etc. …
Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air

Jacco Gardner
Clear The Air

Oh man, how is time fleeting? Over a year ago, I posted the awesome Freakbeat duo The Skywalkers, with their original sixties drum'n'organ sound. Now Jacco Gardner, part of the duo, is going to release a 7" with two super catchy, psyched …
Joel Robert Melton - Ghost

Joel Robert Melton

Genre: Ghost Pop So here we have some baroque bedroom pop. Epic and other worldly, dreamy and haunting. You can order a handmade disc from his bandcamp or download the thing to a price you want (even zero). Quality stuff! 8/10 …
Carloman - s/t


Chamber Pop, Baroque Pop, Psych Pop self If Walther von der Vogelweide lives today, he would make music like this. Ok, not really, Walther was a bit later than the real Carloman. Maybe as late as this Carloman play music from around 50 years ago. I …
Summer Fiction - 2010 - s/t

Summer Fiction
2010 - s/t

Genre: Baroque Pop, Indie Pop Summer Fiction is a new band from Philadelphia. Raised on a steady diet of: The Beach Boys, The Smiths, The Zombies, Nilsson, Veronica Spector, Catholic School blues and South Philly bad girls. Summer Fiction is the …

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