Joel Robert Melton - Ghost

artwork by KAJALI.

all music written and produced by joel robert melton. recorded in the fierce creatures studio space & in katie's bedroom. this album is dedicated to my father jay melton and to the memory of christopher rees, my friend.

"Wonderful music is good company; and Ghost has been exactly this- it is a textured, gorgeous and intensely intimate release." -bandcamp hunter

"Ghost" exists in the dreamy ether between reality and the world unknown, and Melton acts as the medium who takes your hand and leads you through the abyss." -Ragion K on-line radio

"He quietly released a gorgeous debut full-length, full of jittery guitars, swirling organs, and creepy electronics. It’s a landmark." -fresno famous

"‘Ghost’ by Joel Robert Melton is a bedroom Masterpiece. Actually, even if he didnt record it in a bedroom, it still is a masterpiece." -lofiles music

"Epic and other worldly, dreamy and haunting." -dying for bad music

"Eerie and at times transcendent, Ghost weaves lo-fi textures together with purpose and gravity. Melton knows how to seep into your head and expand it to the outer layers of the atmosphere, up where there are more stars than air."

"...not your typical brand of melancholia, no, this is an upgraded version of long lost memories and dreams, with special options such as beautiful landscapes, old photographs and tranquility of the soul." -la mojoteque

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Joel Robert Melton

Joel Robert Melton - Ghost

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Genre: Ghost Pop

So here we have some baroque bedroom pop. Epic and other worldly, dreamy and haunting.
You can order a handmade disc from his bandcamp or download the thing to a price you want (even zero).
Quality stuff!


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