Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air

All instruments played by Jacco Gardner.
Drums by Jos van Tol.
Produced by Jacco Gardner.
Mastered by Jean Audier & Drive Division.

Jacco's debut single "Clear The Air" was released on february 19th, 2012 combined with the B-side "A House On The Moon". It is available on limited 7" vinyl, released on the label Action Weekend Records.

To pre-order the 7" send an email to: actionweekendrecords@gmail.com

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Jacco Gardner
Clear The Air

Jacco Gardner - Clear The Air

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Oh man, how is time fleeting? Over a year ago, I posted the awesome Freakbeat duo The Skywalkers, with their original sixties drum'n'organ sound. Now Jacco Gardner, part of the duo, is going to release a 7" with two super catchy, psychedelic pop numbers.

It's like a way-back-machine - I mean this doesn't sound strained retro - it sounds like a lost and found single straight from 1968.

Preorder the 7" over his Bandcamp

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