Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish

Kiran Leonard
The Big Fish

Kiran Leonard - The Big Fish

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Genre: Kinderzimmer Prog Rock
Label: self

This is some real Progressiv-Rock wankery. Jazzed, nervous, epic. Sounds like a record from your fathers collection. That stuff where he play air-guitar and imagine he is with Phil Collins in a band, or something like that. When I was 16 I hated that kind of stuff. Three chords and a shitty drumset + a singer who rants against society was my cup of tea. But times are changing and this whole psych/prog rock stuff have a revival.
So Kiran Leonard's record opens with an epic 26 minutes prog rock monster full of solo guitar wankery over a jazzy drum beat.
The next track Cedar starts with a hectic drumset beat and turns fast into a quiet acoustic ballad. And also the follower is some nice playful melodic and atmospheric stuff.
Track four goes again the guitar fuckery road with funky riffs and brass, wild jazzy shite and a Pink Floydesque middle part with low tremolo guitar, just to float over into a fuzzy rock monster.
Last track is some nice end-sixties psych pop with a great horn/brass part - whatever. I am a walrus?
I should mention, the guy who is responsible for this epic prog monster album (with a really original and fine artwork) is 15 years old. Holy shit! What will he do when he is 20? Playing with Phil Collins? I hope not! But something better.

Well, you need to checkout his other recordings on bandcamp. Pretty good electronic stuff. What a fucking talented kid.


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