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Hiss Hog Porkestra - 2010 - Cinnamon Shops Suite

Hiss Hog Porkestra
2010 - Cinnamon Shops Suite

Genre: Folk, Traditional, Psych If you like Least Carpet, Steven R. Smith and similar This is incredible. It's again Nick Castell from London, this time with a more basic, down to earth music. I would describe it as a kind of traditional droning …
Nick Castell - 2010 - Rue d'Isabelle

Nick Castell
2010 - Rue d'Isabelle

Genre: Acoustic, Instrumental Label: Self If you like Robbie Basho, Steffen Junghans, John Fahey and similar This is clearly influenced by guitar musicans like mentioned above. On this 5 track EP he presents beautiful played guitar miniatures a …
The Goner - diverse

The Goner

Genre: Psych Folk Swedens, The Goner, recently praised by Julian Cope at his Head Heritage made 2 small online compilations with a retrospective of their work. Two new songs and a selection of older stuff, including the stunning Within The Hour f …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - 2010 - Into The Mystery

Land of Blood and Sunshine
2010 - Into The Mystery

Genre: Freak Folk, Psychedelic, Indie Trash Pop Label: Very Nice Dementia Records Yeah, LOBAS finished their second album and it's again a full great blizz of fuzzy, lofi folk pop punk or whatever. If you can't resist the track Incident from the …
Wave Hands Like Clouds - 2010 - Growwing

Wave Hands Like Clouds
2010 - Growwing

Genre: Freak Folk, Lofi Psych Noise Label: self This is the third album this year and the third post here about wvhndslkclds. Aaron Oberlin & Tyler Norton are from Austin/Houston, TX and that's were a lot of good music come from. Again this …
Dying for Bad T-Shirts

Dying for Bad T

Just a short notice. We are pretty busy with daily stuff, so posting is a bit low, but we will start as soon as possible. In the meantime discover our archiv. And even if it gets colder outside, you may need a DFBM T-Shirt? So you can order it in …
Mixtape #26 - superfree tape #2

Mixtape #26
superfree tape #2

Genre: IndiePop, Electro, Lo-Fi, Freak Folk, Psychedelic Almost exactly after 10 other mixtapes, here is the second edition of the superfree tape. Once again it contains a selection of free songs from various more or lesser known artists and differe …
[shorty] P:ano vs. Thanksgiving / Adrian Orange

[shorty] P:ano vs. Thanksgiving / Adrian Orange

I recently discovered P:ano, the canadian Indie Pop project which is now active as No Kids and on their 2005 album Ghost Pirates without Head is a track, the last one, which reminds me on a track I know from Adrian Orange / Thanksgiving... and yes - …
[Video] Hexstatic/Outlaws - Chiq (ABBA)

[Video] Hexstatic/Outlaws
Chiq (ABBA)

# video
Cleaned up my CDr archive and stumbled above an awesome track which is one of the best mashups ever, because ... see and hear yourself... Edit: seems the flashplayer from that youtube proxy doesn't work :-( - but take the vimeo link!) Video …

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