Land of Blood and Sunshine
2010 - Into The Mystery

Land of Blood and Sunshine - 2010 - Into The Mystery

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Genre: Freak Folk, Psychedelic, Indie Trash Pop
Label: Very Nice Dementia Records

Yeah, LOBAS finished their second album and it's again a full great blizz of fuzzy, lofi folk pop punk or whatever. If you can't resist the track no player rendered Incident from their debut album, then you should order their new album immediaetly. 15 tracks between backyard folk and cellar pop. Again their sense for great melodies and harmonies shines through all the fuzz and stomping, clanking, trashcan drums. You can't sit still when listen to this, at least you need to nod your head and wave your body to the music.
Get your vinyl/cd copy along with all the debut album and the Sudden and Subtle stuff. It will completly blow you away. Going to be one of my top 2010 album!

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Here is the labelwebsite, to order all the stuff, their MySpace and bandcamp for your digital version

11/10 (yes I am a fan ;-))

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