The Goner - diverse

The Goner

The Goner - diverse

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Genre: Psych Folk

Swedens, The Goner, recently praised by Julian Cope at his Head Heritage made 2 small online compilations with a retrospective of their work.
Two new songs and a selection of older stuff, including the stunning Within The Hour from their Behold A New Traveler album as free download. A classic "Sad Core" theme played by a folk band. Endless and full of beauty.
There are some songs from The Goners free re-release here on Dying for Bad Music - the Bitemarks EP.
It's splitted in an instrumental compilation and a more song orientated one, and it's The Goner at it's best.
Medieval Psych Folk for this modern world. Enjoy!

Folkin' It Up by The Goner

Take Me Higher by The Goner



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