Hiss Hog Porkestra - 2010 - Cinnamon Shops Suite

Nick Castell - Banjo, guitar, cumbus saz, Appalachian dulcimer, trumpet, fife, percussion

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Cinnamon Shops Suite is now available to purchase as a download or as a limited edition CD-R. The eponymous suite is inspired by Bruno Schulz's novel (often known as 'The Street of Crocodiles' in English-speaking countries) with music by Nick Castell and artwork by Ed Castell.

All Music by Nick Castell except 'Orlando Sleepeth' by John Dowland arr. Nick Castell - Recorded 2009 in London/Brighton/Essex

Performed by the Hiss Hog Porkestra with additional knob-twiddling by Kieran Mahon

Artwork by Ed Castell

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Hiss Hog Porkestra
2010 - Cinnamon Shops Suite

Hiss Hog Porkestra - 2010 - Cinnamon Shops Suite

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Genre: Folk, Traditional, Psych
If you like Least Carpet, Steven R. Smith and similar

This is incredible. It's again Nick Castell from London, this time with a more basic, down to earth music. I would describe it as a kind of traditional droning folk.
The Ingredients: Guitar, Banjo, Dulcimer, Cümbüs Saz, Violin, Fife, Drum, Mouthorgan, Trumpet, Piano, Jaw Harp, Saw, Bow, Bottleneck, Hands, Mouth. Some might say the mind is important. Some might say the soul is preeminent.
Highly recommended and for a very very low price!
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