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Magdalena Solis - Klara has a vision (Video)

Magdalena Solis
Klara has a vision (Video)

'Klara has a vision' by Magdalena Solis. The title refers to the character Clara from Octave Mirbeau's novel 'Le Jardin des supplices'. The video is a little ode to Mirbeau's strange and unique book, showing a sadist woman wandering through the tortu …
Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever (Video)

Liam Lynch
United States of Whatever (Video)

# video, punk
Oh, how I loved this when I was a teenager! I can´t believe this is from 2002! This reminds me of a time when music television was...yeah, MUSIC television and not soap opera cartoon trash. A very, very good, but unfortunately no longer existen …
[video] Connan Mockasin - 2011 - Forever Dolphin Love (by Daniel Brereton)

[video] Connan Mockasin
2011 - Forever Dolphin Love (by Daniel Brereton)

Genre: psychedelic pop (or something) Last year, Connan Mockasin released an incredibly good album named "Please turn me into the Snat", which is going to be rereleased on Phantasy Sound, the label of Erol Alkan who is also DJ and producer. The " …
Magdalena Solis - Prophetic Dreams (Video)

Magdalena Solis
Prophetic Dreams (Video)

Genre: psych porn, krautrock Label: Dying For Bad Music This video describes Magdalena Solis music perfectly. Tinted in ecstatic purple red, exotic women move their bodys lascivious, graceful, sensual, mystic. Some footage reminds me on Walerian …
[Video] Joy Division - 1979 - Transmission

[Video] Joy Division
1979 - Transmission

Genre: Post-Punk This has been stolen from (or better say: seen at) Pitchfork (and they got it from Vulture), but I wanted to share it with you as we all like or love Joy Division (I hope so): Their legendary John Peel Session from 1979, reenacted b …
[Video] some hipster shit

[Video] some hipster shit

# video, beat
Genre: Beat Lots of hairdos, big guitars, crazy choreography and melodies that stuck in you ear. Check out the awesome Coverversion Monday on my Mind by german band Abwärts at end of this post (with FM Einheit and Mark Chung, later Einstürz …
[Video] Oval - Ah!

[Video] Oval

Genre: Experimental, Electronica Label: Thrill Jockey I first heard of Oval back in days when he started to use defect CD players to create a strange warped, skipping soundscape. Oval started as a band and they sounded more somehow like Der Pl …
Daniel, Fred & Julie - Live (Videos)

Daniel, Fred & Julie
Live (Videos)

Genre: Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Awesome I've found a bunch of awesome live performances by Daniel, Fred & Julie. Maybe or hopefully you know their great selftitled album filled with beautiful Alt-Country, Folk songs. Fred Squire looks …
wu lyf - spitting it concrete like the golden sun god (Video)

wu lyf
spitting it concrete like the golden sun god (Video)

Genre: Indie, Experimental, Heavy Pop, whatever I don´t know what the hell... but I´ve just watched this awesome artmovie video of this band I know nothing about^^ I don´t even know whether lyf or wu lyf ist their real name or whether they di …

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