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The Smoking Trees - Acetates

The Smoking Trees

These guys from LA did their homework pretty good and replicate a flawless sixties psychedelic record. Sitar - check, Harpsichord - check, wobbeling chorus on voice - check, spring-reverb and tape-delays - double check, backward-voices check-check-ch …
Mixtape #50 - The Road I Used To Sleep

Mixtape #50
The Road I Used To Sleep

The title doesn't make any sense and it's out of order. Maybe I am still half asleep. So listen to this when you are going to bed or when you get up or when you fall asleep in your car (but not while driving) or over the wintertime hibernatio …
Seabuckthorn - The Silence Woke Me

The Silence Woke Me

Seabuckthorn is Andy Cartwright from Oxfordshire, Britain and plays wonderful atmospheric instrumental, psych folk. The cover gives you a good impression of how it feels to fall into this music. Late night listening, drifing into the darkness, into t …
Kiki Pau - Pines

Kiki Pau

Krautrock from Finlandia? Yes, this sounds exotic and special. And it is! While the Krautrock label will be sticked on any dull prog-rock jam, these Finns are different. Sure - the tracks are epic pieces, which develop and grow organic, but they are …
Trappist Afterland - burrowing to light in the land of nod

Trappist Afterland
burrowing to light in the land of nod

This is beautiful dark and mystical music. Reminds be a bit of The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, but also on Moonwood or some other psych stuff I've posted here. Leaving the Land of Nod is a really great procession-like song. Like a …
Michael J. Tapscott - Interview

Michael J. Tapscott

After the first listen of „Good Morning, Africa“ by Michael J. Tapscott and Andrew Kenower, I knew, this is my favorite album of 2012. The mixture of sublime folk songs and down to earth field recordings connected with ambient soundscapes …
Lee Noble - Persona

Lee Noble

Ghostly Electronic Drone Folk Bridgetown Records Lee Noble got a lot of buzz for his Horrorism album, last year. Me, myself and I like the Our Star, The Sun or No Becoming a bit more. And this tape stands in the same row as the both releases me …
Lasso - Lasso'd


psych, americana, soundtrack double phelix Lasso is initially John Tar Catlin from Kalamazoo and it's now expanded to a full collective - he was also member of The Go Rounds, we had featured earlier. The first tape by Lasso was a mumbling, wobbl …
Mixtape #42 - Down in the Valley

Mixtape #42
Down in the Valley

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Psych, Bedroom Pop So for those of you, who were to lazy to follow the last posts here at DFBM, I've compiled the best of the rest. The good, the bad and the ugly music... whatever. We have a great track by Heart …

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