Lasso - Lasso'd

All songs written and produced by Lasso
"Never Alone" is a traditional
Recorded at Double Phelix in Kalamazoo, MI and The Hill House in Mancelona, MI

Andy Catlin, Gitis Baggs, Drew Tyner, Ben Lau, Bennett Young, Mike Savina, Mark Thompson, Fiona Dickinson, Mark Thompson

Released on Cassette and CD by

Double Phelix is a Kalamazoo recording studio and collective. Daily media blasts at:

Recording and release made possible by ISLAND

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Lasso - Lasso'd

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psych, americana, soundtrack
double phelix

Lasso is initially John Tar Catlin from Kalamazoo and it's now expanded to a full collective - he was also member of The Go Rounds, we had featured earlier.
The first tape by Lasso was a mumbling, wobbling, hissing country pop thing with lowest fidelity. But for the new album, it seems Lasso get an upgrade of musicians and in sound-quality. It's blown up to lush soundscapes for an imaginary, psychedelic western.
As if Pink Floyd went on Country Roads.

Pretty good album!

Check: Spectral Stomp, Soorya Rashmi


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