The Silence Woke Me

Seabuckthorn - The Silence Woke Me

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Seabuckthorn is Andy Cartwright from Oxfordshire, Britain and plays wonderful atmospheric instrumental, psych folk. The cover gives you a good impression of how it feels to fall into this music. Late night listening, drifing into the darkness, into the night sky, smell the smoke from the smoldering campfire, feel a chilling breeze on your skin...

But it's more than simple campfire folk, it's epic without getting too overblown or esoteric.

Basically, Cartwright adds to his, sometimes repetetive, fingerstyle guitar tunes some ambient textures and every now and then a light drumming beat.
Just Good Honest Thivery comes with a full drumset, which is really a great addition to the reverbed background sounds and the steelstring strumming.

It reminds me pretty much on Cam Deas, without getting too noisy and scratchy.

This, together with Michael J. Tapscott's Good Morning, Africa, also on Bookmaker Records, is definitely one of my record of the year!

This is not a free release, but you really,really should buy the CD from this great French label!

 Terence Koh Chris As Deer (Autumn Night), 2003

 Terence Koh Chris As Deer (Autumn Night), 2003

night time and deer pics from the internet...

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