The Smoking Trees - Acetates

Produced & Mixed by: Sir Psych for Sir Psych Presents
Music by: Martin Nunez & Al Rivera
Lyrics by: Martin Nunez
Mastered by: Patrick Haight for Spot on Sound Records
Recorded at: The Psychedelic Shack Los Angeles, Ca.
Recorded between March 2012 - September 2012
Album Art by: Martin Nunez
Released by: Colour Tree Records

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The Smoking Trees are Sir Psych and L.A AL, a psychedelic duo from Los Angeles. They were original a 5 piece band that merged into a two piece after past members could not mesh with the pop psychedelic music Sir Psych and L.A AL were creating.

The album is produced and mixed by multi instrumentalist and production extraordinaire, Martin Nunez aka Sir Psych. With a firm background in home recording, Martin was able to implement his production style to a broader range of instrumentation & vocal layering. Instruments include drums, bass, organs, pianos, guitars, sitars, tamburas, and a wide range of percussion. With a rooted history in psychedelic music, and record collecting, he manage to write & produce a number of catchy pop psych songs, and create an overall fun album.

Al Rivera, aka L.A AL, is an East Los Angeles musician that was involved with the building of the East L.A underground punk rock scene. He was involved with several bands and performed countless shows throughout the West Coast scene. His full on introduction to the underground psych scene was in 2001 by Martin Nunez.

Since 2001, Sir Psych & L.A AL have been writing & recording music in the vein of 60's psych and garage. The Smoking Trees add the basic touches of punk rock riffs, yet in a lighter fashion. Layer them with strong dual harmonies, whimsical,baroque melodies, and the pounding breakbeat drum style of Sir Psych, and you have The Smoking Trees incomparable style.

This is the first release on the newly formed Los Angeles label, Colour Tree Records. The first of many releases that are set to be released in 2013.

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The Smoking Trees

The Smoking Trees - Acetates

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These guys from LA did their homework pretty good and replicate a flawless sixties psychedelic record. Sitar - check, Harpsichord - check, wobbeling chorus on voice - check, spring-reverb and tape-delays - double check, backward-voices check-check-check. In fact, the more backward, the more trippy!

So if you are into the Nuggets Compilations, or Jacco Gardners neo-psych or even Tame Impala's mainstream stoner-pop, or Pink Floyd's time with Syd, then check out this album! It's released today and available as mp3 or CD with some extra stuff. To order ofer their Bandcamp!

Connect with Sir Psych via his tumblr and explore a shitload of psych compilations and stuff, but only after you tripped on this album. Twentyone tracks are there to explore!

psychedelic art by Space-Jungle

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