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Johnny Appleseed - in with the old

Johnny Appleseed
in with the old

Genre: Freak Folk, Lo-Fi, Garage Folk Label: self No infos about the Johnny Appleseed who recorded these nice garage folk songs and upload them to bandcamp for your listening pleasure. Bits and pieces of rock'n'roll, sixties surf, americana, fol …
Land of Blood and Sunshine - Daytrotter Session

Land of Blood and Sunshine
Daytrotter Session

Genre: Psycho Garage Indie Pop Label: Daytrotter Session Waiting for this since months and finally Daytrotter released the LOBAS session and I am sure this will boost the popularity of these guys. Quite rightly! It's likely that the devil dance …
Mixtape #37 - Summer´s Bliss

Mixtape #37
Summer´s Bliss

Genre: Lo-Fi Indie Surf Electro Folk Noise Pop I must admit that I haven´t done a mixtape since…perceived ages. So this is finally a new one and a very good one, too, without being conceited ;-) It should not be kind of a "real" summer mixtap …
Sunbells Fenimore - Different Tracks

Sunbells Fenimore
Different Tracks

Genre: Tropical Drone Label: self / amdiscs Here we´ve got some pretty cool lo-fi experimental tropical drone tunes. I know, "tropical" is a rather awkward word to describe music, but I would consider "tropical" as a tag for those fuzzy melodies …
DoT - Mizz Teviak

Mizz Teviak

Genre: Lo-Fi Folk, Singer-Songwriter Label: Old Ugly Recording Co. Debut album of 20 years old folk troubadour Phil Holtby from Canada. Great shaky lo-fi folk, sometimes in duet with a female voice. Last song is a funny little entertaining piece …
Teepee - Morals


Genre: One man psych punk show Label: Senzei Records Teepee is a one man band using a drum machine, synths and distorted guitar/voice to rock down the wigwam. I remember an interview with this guy, some time ago, where he describe his way writin …
Lee Noble - 2010 - Our Star, The Sun

Lee Noble
2010 - Our Star, The Sun

Genre: LoFi Analogue Drone Singer-Songwriter Label: Moon Glyph I found that great review on Weedtemple Blog and there is nothing more to add. Just, I love this rusty, dusty sounding drone explorations. It's like someone builds an spaceship in his …
Chushi - 2011 - Plains Of Delight (ep)

2011 - Plains Of Delight (ep)

Genre: LoFi CutUp Pop Label: self Again from Russia with love, some shorty weird cut-up experimental pop. The loops are so uneven but it fits in some magical way. It all sounds like faulty radio that plays skipping soul records. Taste this! …
The Ruined Frame - 2008 - Breath and Pulse

The Ruined Frame
2008 - Breath and Pulse

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Fuzz, Twang, Lofi rampage Label: Human Conduct Records Great and unique and creative Singer-Songwriter stuff in vein of Dylan, Cohen etc. but with more drive. Lot's of toy instruments, weird melodies, organs and some fuz …

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