Sunbells Fenimore - Different Tracks

From the split tape w/ Cavernes

"Pairing the side-projects of luminaries like Mpala Garoo, Magic Beach, Hobo Cubes, and Bedroom Bear, this split from Kon Tiki Gemini and Cavernes begins with a roiling hot mudbath of crackling drones and claustrophobic melodies on the a-side. The kind that cakes to your hide and doesn’t slough off until your skin does. Cavernes softens the dried glaze with a gauze of shimmering notes on the flip, then peels your face off with sheer will to expose the beautiful, porcelain bones beneath. Limited to 70 pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes."

Sweat Lodge Guru

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Sunbells Fenimore
Different Tracks

Sunbells Fenimore - Different Tracks

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Genre: Tropical Drone
Label: self / amdiscs

Here we´ve got some pretty cool lo-fi experimental tropical drone tunes. I know, "tropical" is a rather awkward word to describe music, but I would consider "tropical" as a tag for those fuzzy melodies and tunes that keep you in this relaxed mood, everything´s a bit lazy and you get this warm feeling, that you only get when you´re hanging on the beach and everything´s fine, at least for the moment.
But I don´t want to digress. I think you´ve got your own interpretation of what "tropical" means.
And Sunbells Fenimore mix it up with drone tunes. That´s it.

You can download the 3 tracks Paradising, Infinite Journeys and Native Beyond for free at bandcamp. Infinite Journeys is definitely my favorite, because of the subliminal drones and the superficial hypnotic melody. Paradising is a bit more drone-heavy, noisy and disturbing.

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There are also some other side projects. First, there is Mpala Garoo, which is one half of Russian duo Sunbells Fanimore.
They´ve got Real Estate, Ducktails and Dirty Beaches as their "top friends" on myspace (if anyone still gives a ... about it). So the direction seems obvious. The tape release of "Ou du Monde" (2010) was available at Sweet Lodge Guru, but is sold out now. You can still listen to some songs at myspace.

Then we´ve got Kon Tiki Gemini. Their "Deep Discovery" split tape with Cavernes is sold out, too, but you can download their epic song "the ledge" for free at bandcamp.

everything between 8-9-10

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