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Steven John Hopkins - s/t

Steven John Hopkins

American Primitive and no end. This guy from the UK is exploring the class rooms of Takoma School and presents a variety of steel string guitar compositions. Six- and twelve-string solo guitar, electrified and accompanied by other instruments or …
Generifus - The World

The World

2013 # lofi, folk, bedroom pop
Spencer Sult aka Generifus is a young member of the KRecs Family based in Olympia, WA. Also connected to a guy who recorded several records under the moniker The Microphones. On The World, Generifus is just a plain wooden guitar, his voice and hi …
The Matchsellers - Claypool Dog Race EP

The Matchsellers
Claypool Dog Race EP

2013 # americana, folk
American emigrants folk music played on East German rooftops. I got a nice email with music from an american folk duo, living in Leipzig and this is just 1,5 hours far south from where I operate this killer blog and label, which apparently turned …
Mixtape #56 - Pre-Spring Blues

Mixtape #56
Pre-Spring Blues

The ghost of this long winter is still present, but it's fading. Quite right for the Walpurgis-Night on April, 30th. So here is two hours program of american primitivsm, old school, new school, no school steelstring guitar picking and sliding an …
Dyllan Hersey - s/t

Dyllan Hersey

I stumbled upon this lovely album by Dyllan Hersey from the west coast of America. It could be a standard singer-songwriter album, but wether it's her voice or her fingerpicking guitar style, that makes it a bit more outstanding. Or it's …
Mixtape #54 - Foreshadowing

Mixtape #54

This is a two hour program of lofi folk, hill music, americana and strumming on wooden guitars in general; broadcasted from the past into the future. The theme is just made up by choosing this great found photo for the coverartwork, which shows, besi …
The Poor Farm & Rag Lore of Matthew Russell Boteilho – Interview

The Poor Farm & Rag Lore of Matthew Russell Boteilho – Interview

Matthew Russell Boteilho is a young guitar player and graphic designer from Houston, TX. I guess, meeting him in person on a concert could end up in night nerding around about music, art and culture. So for this interview you should take some time. T …
Golden Brown - High Tide At Gold Beach

Golden Brown
High Tide At Gold Beach

Golden Brown got some exposure here, over a year ago. Last month they released another short album to share it with the world. Their music is a laid back mix of ambient sounds and a few folk elements with some dub echo effects. A while ago it wo …
Mixtape #52 - Autumn Trails

Mixtape #52
Autumn Trails

This mixtape sit since last month on 8tracks and finally I found some minutes to put it on here. It basically contains the finds from the last weeks. I hope youl find some new stuff here. Enjoy! Happily Ever Afterland Band ~ Luci …

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