Generifus - The World

Recorded April 23, 2013 at Chez Puget
Cover photo by Brian Echon
2013 Sultan Serves Records

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The World

Generifus - The World

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Spencer Sult aka Generifus is a young member of the KRecs Family based in Olympia, WA. Also connected to a guy who recorded several records under the moniker The Microphones.

On The World, Generifus is just a plain wooden guitar, his voice and hissing and wobbly tape sounds. Very lofi/lofly/lovely.

He also is able to play hifi with a band as shown on his record I don't have to worry (which is pretty good). So if you like Karl Blau, Little Wings, older Adrian Orange stuff or even early The Microphones stuff, check this very out.

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