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Mixtape #45 - Supermoon

Mixtape #45

Supermoon (Perigee Moon) this weekend! Means the moon make its closest approach to earth. Means (s)he is bigger than anytime else in the year. Means more gravity, and because we are made from water some tidal waves will roll through our bodies and pe …
Butterbones - diverse


Homerecording Folk, Country, Pop Crystal Country Recs There is a shitload of albums on his bandcamp and so I picked his latest work. These Days Are Over is a folk EP, plain banjo songs and a piano driven song. Nice, and at the cover artwork fi …
Stand up against heart crime - s/t

Stand up against heart crime

Genre: Electronic, Pop Label: self Surprisingly good retro electronic pop from Spain. Sounds somehow like the best mix between music from the seventies, eighties and nineties (sounds like an local commercial radio ad). If you like Kraftwerk, ear …
The Brians - Introducing

The Brians

Genre: Pop Label: not on label The Brians were a conceptual pop band from Lyon, France with Frz from Aspic Records, Blue Baboon and Sébastien Roux as members. If I remember right, it was part of an art project/exhibition, but u …
Romantic States - Still Pedals

Romantic States
Still Pedals

Genre: Indie LoFi Pop, Electronica Label: Beko-DSL Do you remember the Videohippos from Baltimore? They were somehow connected to Dan Deacon if I remember right. It was fine electronic driven lofi pop. Romantic States is Jim Triplett with nice lo …
bidibop - be


Genre: french electronica, dream pop Label: Dying For Bad Music So here is a new release of DFBM. Vincent, the man behind bidibop is one of the people I know since a long time. I released a great experimental mini-release on my former label, wher …
Domotic - Ask For Tiger

Ask For Tiger

Genre: French Kiss Electronica / Pop Label: Active Suspension Before I unveil the new releases on DFBM, I'll post something related before. I am in love with electronic pop music from France. I don't know why. France has a great history in electr …
Monroeville Music Center - les défauts des fabrication

Monroeville Music Center
les défauts des fabrication

Genre: electronic bleebs and blobs Label: Electric Voice This was planned as a lathe-cut record, but the cutting diamond went to hell and the plant has to shut it's doors. So cassette tape seems to be an adequate medium for this retro electronica …
2muchachos - teplaja EP

teplaja EP

Genre: ambient, folktronica Label: self In the past, 2muchachos enlighted us with some pretty impressive releases. And now I am hearing their new EP, with windows wide open, on a beautiful summer morning and again, it fits perfectly. Their warm h …

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