Butterbones - diverse

Recorded by Jordan Soles and Cody Flynn.
Drums on "A Pile of Fingers" by Derek Janzen

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Butterbones - diverse

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Homerecording Folk, Country, Pop
Crystal Country Recs

There is a shitload of albums on his bandcamp and so I picked his latest work.

These Days Are Over is a folk EP, plain banjo songs and a piano driven song. Nice, and at the cover artwork fits with the pictures outside.

The Pripyat single seems to be a sideproject, with more heavy and dark sounds.

Hangout reminds me a bit on Sunset Rubdown/Moonface/Spencer Krug. Minimal electronic lofi popsongs. Dog Pianist is sweet.

Bedroom recordings on a Yamaha PSS-270 Portasound

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And last but not least - Blues. A full length album and more folk pop. These Days Are Done is pretty good. There are maybe some filler tracks but anyway - it's a nice listen.

Don't know why I didn't post this earlier, because it's all related to the First Nations that I posted last year...


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