Domotic - Ask For Tiger

Written Performed Recorded and Produced by Domotic/ Stephane Laporte 2001-2004
Mastered by Emiliano Flores @ El Funken studio, Ayacucho
Released by Active Suspension

Domotic's second album!

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Ask For Tiger

Domotic - Ask For Tiger

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Genre: French Kiss Electronica / Pop
Label: Active Suspension

Before I unveil the new releases on DFBM, I'll post something related before. I am in love with electronic pop music from France. I don't know why. France has a great history in electronic music - think about Pierre Henry or Pierre Schaeffer and Musique concrète. And nowadays there is still some great unique french music out there.

One is Domotic with sweetest playful electronica candy. Sometimes it gets sweeter on the core, or salty and sometimes it's filles with LSD to kick you to the moon.
Lots of buzzing, bubbling analogue synths wrapping in colourful paper...
Ask for Tiger is my favorite album of Domotic, not only because of the Uber-Hit - I hate you forever.
You can get it for 5 EUR on his bandcamp. Totally worth it!

And another new single lullaby for free

farfisa, tape echoes , prophet 600 , JX3P , MS-10 by domotic
CS-01 Bassline by Eric Zahn
Suitcase metalophon by KingQ4
Harmonica by Laurencina Lam
Prophet 600 solo by O.Lamm

made with a 4-track cassette deck and friends

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