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Bronze Float - Meridian

Bronze Float

2011 # indie pop
Genre: Softy McSoftPop Label: r.c. legacy records I am in a really bad mood somehow, and it turns out I play this record again and again. Softy McSoftPop, quite right for these short days. Play it at low volume! These guys are friends of Justin …
Daniel Bachman - Grey Black Green

Daniel Bachman
Grey Black Green

Genre: American Primitive, Steel String Guitar Label: Debacle Records By accident I found out, there must be a new album by Daniel Bachman (formerly known as Sacred Harp). The searchterm "daniel bachman grey black green rar" appeared in my websta …
Mixtape #42 - Down in the Valley

Mixtape #42
Down in the Valley

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Psych, Bedroom Pop So for those of you, who were to lazy to follow the last posts here at DFBM, I've compiled the best of the rest. The good, the bad and the ugly music... whatever. We have a great track by Heart …
Mixtape #41 - Apes in Space

Mixtape #41
Apes in Space

Genre: Psych Garage Punk Post Country Surf Here is one of two new mixtapes. This is a bit rawer and louder. I include two german punk classics, just for fun. Most stuff you will find here on blog others not. However. Check it out! The Trites! - …
Gangsta Love - Spiritual Thangz EP

Gangsta Love
Spiritual Thangz EP

2011 # hip hop, blues
Genre: hippy gansta hop psych blues Frank Hurricane is the leader of an one man (?) hippy/folk ensemble. We featured him some time ago with his Hurricanes of Love project. Great lofi hippy folk blues, with a nice an unusual turn to rap music in be …
Andy Boay - Evil Masters

Andy Boay
Evil Masters

Genre: Avant Pop Label: Does Are Pretty fucked up and weird experimental-, avantgarde pop. It's not really pop, it's multidimensional cut-up bedroom hi-fi pop. It's a radio broadcast of ghosts. Deconstructed indie chart music. 8,5/10 (v …
Schocholautte - I Hate You

I Hate You

Genre: Garage Fuzz Punk Pop Silly band name, boring album cover, why should you press the play or even the download link? Because the last Strokes album was shit and you miss their sound a bit? So, then try out Schocholautte now! Get the full fuzz …
Heidi Harris - Mr. Fox Trots

Heidi Harris
Mr. Fox Trots

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter This was recommended to me by Nick Castell . Heidi Harris is from Brooklyn, NY and play some kind of folk music. A bit freak folk, a bit so called new weird america, what ever this mean. This shorty is made with a ci …
Bakers at Dawn - Good

Bakers at Dawn

2011 # bedroom pop
Genre: Bedroom Pop Every now and then I check the Bandcamp site of that Swedish bedroom pop project, which brought us some really great music in the past. There popped up some loose tracks between homerecording experiments and bedroom pop songs, s …

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