Andy Boay - Evil Masters

Recorded in Orlando and Montreal, mostly in early 2011 but parts of some songs from anywhere between 2006 and 2011.

Thanks to Riley Fleck for use of his drums on "Jethro Hell".

*** Cassette orders temporarily unavailable until October 2016, on tour ***

Re-released by Movie Star/Arbutus 2 April 2013
Edition of 100

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Originally released by Does Are (#DooM) on 19 November 2011
Edition of 100 (out of print)

"Evil Masters" music video crafted by Corbin Ordel and Spencer Gilley

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Andy Boay
Evil Masters

Andy Boay - Evil Masters

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Genre: Avant Pop
Label: Does Are

Pretty fucked up and weird experimental-, avantgarde pop. It's not really pop, it's multidimensional cut-up bedroom hi-fi pop. It's a radio broadcast of ghosts. Deconstructed indie chart music.

(via Arbutus Records)

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