Daniel Bachman - Grey Black Green

Daniel Bachman
Grey Black Green

Daniel Bachman - Grey Black Green

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Genre: American Primitive, Steel String Guitar
Label: Debacle Records

By accident I found out, there must be a new album by Daniel Bachman (formerly known as Sacred Harp). The searchterm "daniel bachman grey black green rar" appeared in my webstat - and I always smirk when people search for rar archives and hitting the DFBM blog where 98% are free downloads. In some cases they went away, just to find a download and wait for a slot at some slow filehosting service.
Anyway - I searched for the same phrase and found in first instant the debacle records bandcamp site and Daniel Bachmans new album. It's a limited CDr, you can order it there or download the digital album. The usual way.
The music on Grey-Black-Green is a mixture between Bachman first two records. It's the meandering guitarwork of Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation and the lo-fi hiss of Green Alum Springs. It's very lofi, with hummings, and drones, which made a bed for Bachmans strummings, and pickings.
It's a really enjoyable record and Daniel Bachman is a truely talented guy who succeed guitar players like the two big J's (it's hard not to mention them, sorry Daniel ;-))
Download and/or order the album at Debacle records bandcamp site (and check out their other releases!)
(includes one light x-mas tune)


By the way - tomorrow the Daniel Bachman 7" here on Dying For Bad Music, will be pressed and hopefully shipped, so it's available next week. You can preorder - of course. Preorders get something additional in the mail... as always.

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