Schocholautte - I Hate You

I Hate You was recorded by Schocholautte at Chocolate Brontosaurus studio in Brooklyn, NY in 2011. Kaleen played drums, Artie played bass. Michael played guitar and sang.

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I Hate You

Schocholautte - I Hate You

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Genre: Garage Fuzz Punk Pop

Silly band name, boring album cover, why should you press the play or even the download link? Because the last Strokes album was shit and you miss their sound a bit? So, then try out Schocholautte now! Get the full fuzz-laden, fun-fair!
“Their music is fun and easy to listen to and their lyrics are real. Through their music and lyrics, they are the sensitive guys you wish you could date and the music that makes any party fun.”
— Keili Hamilton’s Top 10 List of 2008, WFMU

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PS: the Strokes reference is as silly as the bandname, I know - but maybe it caught your attention. And Orange County has some Strokes inside. Not?!

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