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Rick Deitrick – Gentle Wilderness, River  Sun River Moon

Rick Deitrick
Gentle Wilderness + River Sun River Moon

Tompkins Square just reissued another gem from the treasure trove of their Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8 compilation, while the next one1 is already in the pipes. On that compilation, record collector Michael Klausman and Brooks Rice shared the most ob …
Jonas Meersmans - Monnift I

Jonas Meersmans
Monnift I

Fresh solo acoustic guitar from Belgium by Jonas Meersmans. He co-founded the instrumental quartet Codasync1 and has written several soundtracks for short movies in the past. Monnift I is his debut album and it starts with an innocent music box tune …
Toby Hay - The Gathering, Interview

Toby Hay
The Gathering

After three short, but sweet ep’s, Welsh guitarist Toby Hay releases his first long player on vinyl, the holy grail of all recording formats. With “The Gathering”, Hay offers beautiful, impressionistic guitar compositions, inspired …
Derek Gripper - One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali

Derek Gripper
One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali

2013 # folk, solo guitar
Derek Gripper's album took me by surprise and I am playing it up and down for a week now. It's been a while that I was captivated by a solo guitar album that much. A few weeks ago I was posting some vintage photos of a unique looking guitar on facebo …
Sean Smith - Christmas

Sean Smith

I think it's not possible to not mention John Fahey in a post about solo acoustic guitar music. This guy just worked through the whole spectrum of music and translated it to 6 steel strings strapped on a hollow piece of wood. The story of Fahey's chr …
dfbm #92- Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XIII

dfbm #92
Morning­ Raga­ Pt.­ XIII

Welcome back to another two hour mix of all strings considered. Again I was able to unearth recordings that have been rarely heard before. Old private press releases, inspired by the wonderful collection on Tompkins Square Records Imaginational Anthe …
J.H. Guraj – Underrated Glances At The Edge Of Town

J.H. Guraj
Underrated Glances At The Edge Of Town

2016 # solo guitar, italy
J.H. Guraj is the alter ego of Dominique Vaccaro from Bologna, Italy. In the past he was working as a visual artist and electro-acoustic musician in the field of musique concrète with analog devices and tape recorders or playing in the avant-blues p …
Egle Sommacal - L'atlante della polvere

Egle Sommacal
L'atlante della polvere

Italy turns out as treasure trove of wonderful solo guitar music. A few days ago a friend of mine sent me an album to check out. For some reason I thought it was his recordings and he was asking what I my opinion was. I told him that I thought it had …
Enrico Marcandalli - Temporale Nel Parco

Enrico Marcandalli
Temporale Nel Parco

This is a relatively unknown fingerstyle solo guitar album from the early eighties, out of Italy. Enrico Marcandalli’s music shifts between classical guitar, world music, bits of blues and jazz. I have to admit, this album didn't stroke a chord in …

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