Enrico Marcandalli - Temporale Nel Parco

All compositions by Enrico Marcandalli
Sergio Pavanati play tablas in "Il diavolo e il giullare"
Recorded and mastered by Arrigo Moreschi
Carlo Raspagni guitar
Cover illustration by Carlo Fornoni
Cover design by Beppe Punturiere


Contemporary guitar soli

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Enrico Marcandalli
Temporale Nel Parco

Enrico Marcandalli - Temporale Nel Parco

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This is a relatively unknown fingerstyle solo guitar album from the early eighties, out of Italy.

Enrico Marcandalli’s music shifts between classical guitar, world music, bits of blues and jazz. I have to admit, this album didn't stroke a chord in me in the beginning, but it grew - especially after listening to other recordings of him. It’s interesting, and it comes from a different spectrum of the guitar world that I am not so familiar with. Apparently Robbie Basho was an inspiration for Marcandalli, since he dedicated a song to him (see youtube videos below).

Twitter user @erretter discovered the album on archive.org. I just wrapped it up in a zip for easier download.

The download includes ¾ of the album Temporale Nel Parco (as far as I can tell) and some more tracks from an unknown album/recording.

If someone has more information about Marcandalli, please post in the comments or drop me a line.

For more solo acoustic guitar from Italy, check out the feature about Roberto Menabò and Maurizio Angeletti.

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