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Interview with Tomáš Niesner

Tomáš Niesner

Tomáš Niesner, along with his buddy Jakub Šimanský is one of the few solo acoustic guitar artists from a country that should get more attention musically. After a gorgeous guitar album with Šimanský, a contribution to Tompkins Square records so …
Toby Hay - Morning/Evening Ragas

Toby Hay
Morning/Evening Ragas

End of March, when most of the world was under a more or less strict lockdown due to the still ongoing pandemic, Welsh guitarist Toby Hay produced a mini-music-series on Youtube. Equipped with a stringed instrument of his choice and some recording eq …
Toby Hay - New Music for the 12 String Guitar

Toby Hay
New Music for the 12 String Guitar

Welsh guitarist Toby Hay goes back to his roots and recorded an album of just him and his custom 12-string guitar. For the last years, Hay was touring and recording with additional musicians, widening his musical spectrum and escaping from the limits …
Regular Expression - Kasuga Suite

Regular Expression
Kasuga Suite

Regular Expression is Isaac Vallentin from Canada, but also this string of characters. /([A-G](#|b)?)(\(?(M|maj|major|m|min|minor|dim|sus|dom|aug)?(\+|-|add)?\d*\)?)(\/([A-G](#|b)?))?/g 1/2 I like both. Since this isn't a programming blog I want to …
Louis Alberry - Louis Alberry

Louis Alberry

A fine solo acoustic guitar album from the British Isles by Louis Alberry. I always love it when musicians use field recordings to reference a place they try to describe with their music. Enjoy some guitar instrumentals introduced by the sound of wat …
Ameel Brecht - Polygraph Heartbeat

Ameel Brecht
Polygraph Heartbeat

This is the solo debut of Ameel Brecht, member of the Belgian deep-listening, acoustic drone ensemble Razen. Brecht is a trained guitar player who sends you with Polygraph Heartbeat on a journey through the body of a steel string resonator guitar and …
Matteo Fiorini - Le Grand électrificateur des âmes

Matteo Fiorini
Le Grand électrificateur des âmes

Very interesting guitar music from Italy again. The setting Matteo Fiorini has chosen to record his debut, is a former church with a beautiful natural reverb. He went there to let his guitar tell stories. Stories about Le grand électrificateur, a mo …
dfbm #98 - Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 8

dfbm #98
Songs of Wild Nothing Pt. 8

Welcome to a new episode of Songs of Wild Nothing. I think I've never described the purpose of this show or mix, so this might be a good opportunity to give some insight. tl;dr Over the eight or so years, this label and music blog exists I've always …
Mark Fosson - Solo Guitar

Mark Fosson
Solo Guitar

Digging in the Dust, the reissued demo tapes by Mark Fosson that he sent to Takoma Records in the late 70s, was one of the first records of a rediscovered American Primitive guitarists I've ever heard. Sure, there was Robbie Basho, Peter Walker, but …

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