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Mixtape #33 - Spring Reverb

Mixtape #33
Spring Reverb

Genre: Lo-Fi Garage Pop Electronica Folk Trash Exotica Ok, Time Of... another mixtape for the starting springtime. Again we pick our latest founds and faves bring them in a nice order with some jumps back and forth in history and changing the mood …
Os Ovni - 2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Os Ovni
2011 - BEKO ♥ 81

Genre: Synth Psych Dream Heart Duo. Label: Beko (and others) - Website Duo from Austin/TX with two minimal synth tracks. Maybe it's part of that so called Witch House genre. Don't know, because don't care that much about this Neo Goth shite. But …
Bidibop - 2008 - Urban Field Muzick

2008 - Urban Field Muzick

Genre: Electronica, Pop, Field Recording Label: fieldmuzick Bidibop is the French musican Vincent Nicolas, together with Sébastien Roux he played in un automne á lob-nor one of my favorite Post-Rock/Ambient groups. After they broke up, Roux ma …
Pop Winds - 2010 - The Turquoise

Pop Winds
2010 - The Turquoise

Genre: Indie Pop, Electronica Blizz Label: Arbutus Records This is another fine release from the canadian Arbutus Record label, which brought us the fabulous Sean Nicholas Savage. Pop Winds is, like the name pictures, a fresh breeze of good el …
Top 2010 - Part I - FMA

Top 2010
Part I - FMA

Well, this is the first part of a Best of 2010 list - more extensive will follow. This is a submission to the Free Music Archiv - a great ressource of free music, curated by the best radiostation WFMU and others. Most of the artists were feature …
dalliances - 2010 - casual/sexual

2010 - casual/sexual

Genre: gameboy,8-bit,guitar Label: Responsible Records 8-Bit GameBoy sounds are nice from time to time. This is a different approach, not the hectic dance thing, more something like a soundtrack to, a computergame? What else. Some or all tracks c …
Mixtape #27 - With Furry Ears

Mixtape #27
With Furry Ears

Genre: from broken beats to punk to electronic to folk and acoustics As always, and I hope you trust us, a fine selection of this month's highlights. Should I say it's a mix for Halloween, or something for this funky, everything-turns-to-grey seas …
Mixtape #25 - Out on Vacation

Mixtape #25
Out on Vacation

Genre: Folk, Folk, Indie Pop, Electronica, Folk :) Well, we are away for a week heading Hawai (via google maps :)). But I prepared some surprising stuff that will pop up the next few days. So stay tuned! Some words about this mixtape... It fe …
2muchachos - 2010 - Formanta

2010 - Formanta

Genre: Folktronica, Electronic, Ambient Label: Parallax If you like well crafted organic electronica 2muchachos from russia seem to be a good companion this year. They appear in the springtime with their wonderful Prespring EP, sent a nice summe …

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