dalliances - 2010 - casual/sexual

2010 - casual/sexual

dalliances - 2010 - casual/sexual

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Genre: gameboy,8-bit,guitar
Label: Responsible Records

8-Bit GameBoy sounds are nice from time to time. This is a different approach, not the hectic dance thing, more something like a soundtrack to, a computergame? What else. Some or all tracks contain guitar parts, which is quite nice and makes it more unique. To be honest, after listening to the full album I feel sated from all the bleeps and swirls and plobs. But it's ok - I still like such sounds.
So check it if you feel nostaligic of former gamboy days (I am not so much into that, but interested in sounds and I own a gameboy just to use noodle around with Nanoloop).




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