2muchachos - 2010 - Formanta

2010 - Formanta

2muchachos - 2010 - Formanta

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Genre: Folktronica, Electronic, Ambient
Label: Parallax
If you like well crafted organic electronica

2muchachos from russia seem to be a good companion this year. They appear in the springtime with their wonderful Prespring EP, sent a nice summer holiday card with the Summer Vacation EP and now here it is, their full length album Formanta on Parallax.
I think this is the perfect end summer album. Relaxing, a bit melancholic and warm like the last sunbeams in this die away season.
They advertise this album with the warmth of their Formanta synth, an old russian analogue synth they used for the album.
I like the idea, even if this all could be done with todays software or stuff. But beside these technical blah - this album seems to have a lot soul a spirit. Something that will give you a good feeling like hugging a friend

You can download 3 tracks from the album here
My favorite is Symerki so far. A wonderful track driven by a analogue drumbox beat, a bit guitar, nice stereo panning and a slightly spooky athmosphere.

2muchachos - Symerki

So check it out!

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2muchachos - northern sea ghosts from 2muchachos on Vimeo.

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