Bidibop - 2008 - Urban Field Muzick

2008 - Urban Field Muzick

Bidibop - 2008 - Urban Field Muzick

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Genre: Electronica, Pop, Field Recording
Label: fieldmuzick

Bidibop is the French musican Vincent Nicolas, together with Sébastien Roux he played in un automne á lob-nor one of my favorite Post-Rock/Ambient groups. After they broke up, Roux made two remarkable records with Greg Davids and did a lot of soloworks in fields of contemporary electronic music.
Anyway, Nicolas started under the moniker Bidibop and wrote some beautiful electronic ambient pop, filled with sweet melodies and vintage synths. Find an example below. For the field muzick label he made this short conceptual ep called urban field muzick, where he merged field recordings from Manhatten with his pop tunes. And he use the environmental sounds perfectly, so it turns to music. Signal tones are transformed to melodies and a he play to the banjo playing streetmusican at home in France in his studio. This is really a unique record and I don't say this, because I released it on field muzick!

Here is my favorite track from Bidibop's 2005 album Snapshot
[mp3] Bidibop - First Steps in Snow



Please note, I've made the field muzick labelcatalogue free available on the great Free Music Archive. So if you are interested take some time and trip through the world of environmental sounds and music.
It's not complete yet, but I'll keep you updated!

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