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E. Dresch - Short Stories

E. Dresch
Short Stories

Genre: Acoustic Guitar, Forl, American Primitive Label: self "...The New Age people call it Folk; the Folk people call it New Age, but it is really neither. It's transitional. The style is derived from the country blues and string band music of the …
Mixtape #34 - Sole Memories

Mixtape #34
Sole Memories

Genre: Space-Psych-Lofi-Post-Experimental-Folk-Pop-Rock Time for another mixtape - or just enough stuff to compile and publish for your listening pleasure. I often enough ask myself - who listen to that unknown stuff? The artists whose tracks I us …
Sam Moss - 2011 - Eight Constructions

Sam Moss
2011 - Eight Constructions

Genre: Folk, Acoustic, Appalachian Label: self While planning that William Tyler gig in my ex-hometown, I came across another great guitar player. Sam Moss from Boston, born in 1989 plays amazing finger style guitar. John Fahey, Delt …
Early Noise - 2010 - Madhouse

Early Noise
2010 - Madhouse

Genre: Folk, Acoustic Label: Folk Routes Another artist from the Folk Routes DIY collective. Squinch Owl and Wood Spider also belong to this network and it's always a good idea to visit their website. Early Noise is nice acoustic music with banj …
Nick Castell - 2010 - Gaudete!

Nick Castell
2010 - Gaudete!

Genre: Folk, Acoustic Label: self So here is the next x-mas related music post. Nick Castell perform two traditional festive tunes, Gaudete! and Conventry Carol. Hope you enjoy these two gifts Download Gaudete! for free at Bandcamp 9/10 …
Nick Castell - 2010 - Rue d'Isabelle

Nick Castell
2010 - Rue d'Isabelle

Genre: Acoustic, Instrumental Label: Self If you like Robbie Basho, Steffen Junghans, John Fahey and similar This is clearly influenced by guitar musicans like mentioned above. On this 5 track EP he presents beautiful played guitar miniatures a …
Simone Morelli - 2010 - The Two EPs

Simone Morelli
2010 - The Two EPs

Genre: Singer-Songwriter Label: Cakes and Tapes a young man. his guitar. and his voice. touching our hearts. What more could we want? Simone Morelli is an Italian Singer-Songwriter recording songs at home. 2 EPs (tracks 1-4 EP1, tracks 5-8 EP2) = h …
11:17 - 2010 - Home EP etc.

2010 - Home EP etc.

Genre: Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, Homerecording Label: self/red oak records A homemade 5-song EP about home. 11:17 is Alex Daniel, who creates some fine acoustic tunes :) often not more than his guitar, voice or some handclaps. Try MySpace Besi …
Nodding by the Fire - 2010 - Nodding by the Fire EP

Nodding by the Fire
2010 - Nodding by the Fire EP

Genre: indie pop/folk, (some kind of) acoustic Label: none/bandcamp This could possibly be a good soundtrack for a movie in case there are just instrumental songs...Some spanish guys created laid-back guitarstuff with sparse piano, trumpet or harmon …

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