Simone Morelli - 2010 - The Two EPs

Simone Morelli
2010 - The Two EPs

Simone Morelli - 2010 - The Two EPs

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Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Label: Cakes and Tapes

a young man. his guitar. and his voice.
touching our hearts.
What more could we want?

Simone Morelli is an Italian Singer-Songwriter recording songs at home.
2 EPs (tracks 1-4 EP1, tracks 5-8 EP2) = his debut release at tiny but fine Portuguese-based netlabel cakes and tapes.

Drawing influences from American folk music, British psychedelia and Italian music, Simone Morelli presents himself and his songs with “The Two EPs”, a total of eight songs recorded in his bedroom using only his voice, an acoustic guitar and a microphone, in the sole company of his cats (pictured in the cover of the album). Without wanting to sound pretentious: think Jason Molina and Will Oldham at the beginning of their careers.

How cute, the cats on the cover are his ones...

more information and download at bandcamp or directly here


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