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Perio - 2011 - BEKO ♥ 72

2011 - BEKO ♥ 72

Genre: Singer-Songwriter Label: beko dsl Perio is a Singer-Songwriter from France commute between Paris and the United States. So his music breaths American Folk as well as French Chansons. It has enough energy and weirdness and this BEKO Single …
Mixtape #34 - Sole Memories

Mixtape #34
Sole Memories

Genre: Space-Psych-Lofi-Post-Experimental-Folk-Pop-Rock Time for another mixtape - or just enough stuff to compile and publish for your listening pleasure. I often enough ask myself - who listen to that unknown stuff? The artists whose tracks I us …
Vows - Winter’s Grave

Winter’s Grave

Genre: Psych Pop, Dream Pop Label: CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN MUSIC COLLECTIVE I am not sure which link on obscure shoutbox I clicked to find this band. But it turns out good and even better when I find out it's a free release on the CMMC Label which have …
Sacred Harp (Daniel Bachman) - Green Alum Springs

Sacred Harp (Daniel Bachman)
Green Alum Springs

Genre: Appalachian Folk/Noise Label: ? I can't get enough of these young guys, playing old-time guitar music. Daniel Bachman as Sacred Harp was featured before with his beautiful Apparitions at the Kenmore Plantation record, full …
Victor Florence - Spring

Victor Florence

Genre: Singer-Songwriter Label: self Victor Florence - released a new EP in these easter days, called Spring. It starts with a bit different sound than his other two releases. Not only guitar and his voice, but also piano and it sounds like recor …
Inspector 22 - Friends In High Places  (+ more)

Inspector 22
Friends In High Places (+ more)

Genre: Anti-Freak-Psych-LoFi-Folk Label: dontrustheruin Does this cover artwork looks familiar to you? Yes it's made by the Big Blood family. Inspector 22 is Mr. Todd Wesley Emmert who recorded a bag of songs since 1997. All in best weirdo lo-fi …
Hunter-Gatherer - EP

Gatherer - EP

2009 # lofi, indie pop
Genre: LoFi-Indie Math Pop Label: self cassette Nice 4 track ep by Hunter-Gatherer (not the dark ambient one) from Calgary. A bit old, but still fun to listen. Quirky & playful. [mp3] Hunter-Gatherer - Magpie Trap Free Download 8/10 …
Nodding by the Fire - At home in the wilderness

Nodding by the Fire
At home in the wilderness

2011 # folk, instrumental
Genre: Instrumental Folk Label: self A Spanish instrumental folk band we had posted before. Rich arrangements with lots of instruments and a warm natural feeling. Perfect for daydreaming in the spring-sun. The promo is all in Spanish and I am t …
Lee Noble - 2010 - Our Star, The Sun

Lee Noble
2010 - Our Star, The Sun

Genre: LoFi Analogue Drone Singer-Songwriter Label: Moon Glyph I found that great review on Weedtemple Blog and there is nothing more to add. Just, I love this rusty, dusty sounding drone explorations. It's like someone builds an spaceship in his …

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