Inspector 22 - Friends In High Places  (+ more)

Inspector 22
Friends In High Places (+ more)

Inspector 22 - Friends In High Places  (+ more)

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Genre: Anti-Freak-Psych-LoFi-Folk
Label: dontrustheruin

Does this cover artwork looks familiar to you? Yes it's made by the Big Blood family. Inspector 22 is Mr. Todd Wesley Emmert who recorded a bag of songs since 1997. All in best weirdo lo-fi home-recording manner. Some of them are just simple piano tunes backed with clanging percussions and the most are guitar based, filled with the sometimes creepy stories told by Mr. Emmert. He looks like a mixture of Charlie Manson and Anton LaVey and somehow his music breaths the feeling of Mansons later prison recordings.
Anyway - this is cool stuff, especially if you find a cover of Joy Division's Atmosphere and Sonic Youth tunes between all the weirdness.
[mp3] Inspector 22 - Atmosphere (Joy Division)
[mp3] Inspector 22 - My Dead Grandfather
Donttrustruin made all these recordings freely available over the grand Freemusicarchive and you can order the stuff along with their other great prints and releases on their etsy shop.

Because of the fact this is a plethora of songs I've put my favorites into a zip you can download here.

All Inspector 22 recordings can be downloaded at the FMA for free, so check'n'load


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