Winter’s Grave

Vows - Winter’s Grave

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Genre: Psych Pop, Dream Pop

I am not sure which link on obscure shoutbox I clicked to find this band. But it turns out good and even better when I find out it's a free release on the CMMC Label which have much more to offer.
So Vows is a duo from New Jersey an play some psychy/dream pop. Maybe a mixture between Beach House and Grizzly Bear. Some tracks are real gems and stay in your head, some are just for the moment, but that's ok. There is potential here for your new favorite springtime soundtrack.
I am sure if they ever go to a real recording studio with professional mastering and shit it turns boring. So keep your DIY recording sound, please.

Edit: I need to add that I was wrong and lazy in my initial post, because there exist two more bands called Vows. Here are the New Jersey Vows consisting Jeff (also recording as Bone Blanket) and Jimmy (recording solo stuff as Nillo). So more to come in future. Check out their website below. And if you want them to play in your place, get in contact. Very promising!

[mp3] VOWS - Anywhere You Go
[mp3] VOWS - Dead Ends

Download free - visit the Labelsite! and bandcamp of course


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