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Domotic - Ask For Tiger

Ask For Tiger

Genre: French Kiss Electronica / Pop Label: Active Suspension Before I unveil the new releases on DFBM, I'll post something related before. I am in love with electronic pop music from France. I don't know why. France has a great history in electr …
Monroeville Music Center - les défauts des fabrication

Monroeville Music Center
les défauts des fabrication

Genre: electronic bleebs and blobs Label: Electric Voice This was planned as a lathe-cut record, but the cutting diamond went to hell and the plant has to shut it's doors. So cassette tape seems to be an adequate medium for this retro electronica …
2muchachos - teplaja EP

teplaja EP

Genre: ambient, folktronica Label: self In the past, 2muchachos enlighted us with some pretty impressive releases. And now I am hearing their new EP, with windows wide open, on a beautiful summer morning and again, it fits perfectly. Their warm h …
Porn on Vinyl - Old Folks' Home

Porn on Vinyl
Old Folks' Home

2011 # lofi, bedroom folk
Genre: Lofi Folk Label: Long Lost Records Nice little album by Porn on Vinyl, even if it's never released on vinyl. Charming bedroom folk with some great moments. June and Accordions may be his best songs. Check it out! Behind Porn on Vinyl is …
Brains - Constant Love Forever

Constant Love Forever

Genre: rude Post-Punk, Garage Punk Label: self Great loud and fuzzy Post-Punk from New-Zealand. Pretty straight forward and ass kicking. With some noisy, spacey parts, which makes it a perfect mixture. Comes as limited tape edition in October 20 …
Moonwood - The Path

The Path

Genre: Psych Folk Label: Arachnidisc This is a split cassette with a live concert of Theo Angell on one side. Unfortunately I only know the Moonwood side, but it's fucking magnificent! If you remember, the River Ghost album was a mostly instrume …
Moongazing Hare - Is This the Cumming of Sumer?

Moongazing Hare
Is This the Cumming of Sumer?

Genre: Neo Folk, Apocalyptic Folk Label: self This is so far the best release by Moongazing Hare. It contains mostly cover versions by Death In June. And what should I say - it's way way better than the original Death In June songs. While Doug Pe …
Cassis Orange - Cassis Orange EP

Cassis Orange
Cassis Orange EP

Genre: Indie Pop/Dream Pop Label: self Powerful fuzzy Indie/Dream Pop. Somehow like a female version of Casiotone for the painfully alone and somehow like early Arcade Fire with that staccato piano and glockenspiel sounds. But this reference cam …
Frank Fairfield - Poor Old Lance (video)

Frank Fairfield
Poor Old Lance (video)

Genre: Old Time, Bluegrass, Folk Label: Tompkins Square Frank Fairfield is known for being a time traveller. He plays the old american mountain music, wears old suits, speaks like back in time and he is just in his mid twenties. A true original. …

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