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Moongazing Hare - The Sunderland Valves

Moongazing Hare
The Sunderland Valves

The new year starts with some weird folk by Moongazing Hare from Denmark. In fact, David Folkman Drost managed to make a transition between mysterious ambient work, Northern freak-folk and Americana. I wish there were more songs like The Sunderla …
Moongazing Hare - Is This the Cumming of Sumer?

Moongazing Hare
Is This the Cumming of Sumer?

Genre: Neo Folk, Apocalyptic Folk Label: self This is so far the best release by Moongazing Hare. It contains mostly cover versions by Death In June. And what should I say - it's way way better than the original Death In June songs. While Doug Pe …
Secret Name - 2005 - demo

Secret Name
2005 - demo

Genre: Sadcore, Acoustic, Neo Folk This is a demo by a french duo. Wonderful melancholic songs, which reminds a bit on Codeine - that's the sadcore reference.JL is making music as Imagho which got a more experimental nature. Guitars and Laptop proces …
Oral Constitution - Bibelpreik

Oral Constitution

Genre: Neo Folk, Avantgarde, Freak Folk Label: Artware Production (GER) Similar Artists: Current 93 Seriously though, I am concerned about this and I'm particularly concerned about the little girls who you see on the cover of this Oral Constitutio …

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