Oral Constitution - Bibelpreik

Oral Constitution

Oral Constitution - Bibelpreik

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Genre: Neo Folk, Avantgarde, Freak Folk
Label: Artware Production (GER)
Similar Artists: Current 93
Seriously though, I am concerned about this and I'm particularly concerned about the little girls who you see on the cover of this Oral Constitution record. They look sweet there, but their parents make them participate in fucked up music. And I mean fucked up even by Norwegian standards! Eerily sexual, nightmarishly mystical, gloomy, pounding, angry, demented and hypnotic folk music: sure to produce psychosis in high doses, especially for the young and impressionable - aren't you worried about the future of these little ones now?

Still, mature songwriters were clearly behind the record; you'll find more than enough good ideas to entertain you throughout this twenty minute EP. Threatening male vocals, darkly seductive female vocals, creepy reverbified little girl's vocals, simple but metaphysically resonant acoustic guitar, ripping distorted electric guitar, mournful cello, spectral birdsong: comparisons to Current 93 and Diamanda Galas make a lot of sense. (Nat Roe WFMU Blog)
  1. Barbie's Sang
  2. Oddny's Sang
  3. Christine's Sang
  4. En Hymne For Sven
  5. Untitled

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