Moonwood - The Path

Music and vocals by Reverend Moon and Jacqueline Noire.

Taken from Arachnidiscs Split Tapes Series Vol. 3

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The Path

Moonwood - The Path

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Genre: Psych Folk
Label: Arachnidisc

This is a split cassette with a live concert of Theo Angell on one side.
Unfortunately I only know the Moonwood side, but it's fucking magnificent! If you remember, the River Ghost album was a mostly instrumental psych trip and The Path is now like a map for the strange terrain of River Ghost. Highly recommended!
Recorded by Moonwood during the same sessions as the mostly instrumental River Ghosts material, these nine vocal songs are vaguely woven together by Taoist mysticism and modern day beards. Southwestern reverb, droning psychedelic fuzz, Eastern percussion and plucked acoustic instruments mix with ritual chants and soft-spoken tales about death and small woodland animals.


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