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Foals - 2010 - Daytrotter Session !!!

2010 - Daytrotter Session !!!

Genre: (kind of) indietronic, math rock influenced Label: sub pop (yeah! they got the right hand as always) (Warning, once again I can´t stay objective on this one...) Probably you´ve already got enough from Daytrotter Sessions posted here (not o …
The Shilohs - 2010 - The Shilohs EP

The Shilohs
2010 - The Shilohs EP

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock Label: cakes and tapes This post is in some kind related to the one I posted before. Both artists are at netlabel cakes and tapes. Seems they´ve got a right hand for good, pardon, bad music... The Shilohs sound like a number …
Simone Morelli - 2010 - The Two EPs

Simone Morelli
2010 - The Two EPs

Genre: Singer-Songwriter Label: Cakes and Tapes a young man. his guitar. and his voice. touching our hearts. What more could we want? Simone Morelli is an Italian Singer-Songwriter recording songs at home. 2 EPs (tracks 1-4 EP1, tracks 5-8 EP2) = h …
Breakfast in Fur - EP

Breakfast in Fur

Genre: Indie Psych Pop Really a charming piece, playful, light and hazy. Like a walk through the autumn sun! Some light reminiscence to early Múm maybe? Tip: Shine Breakfast In Fur E.P. by Breakfast in Fur Free Download from Bandcamp - …
My Teenage Stride - New songs

My Teenage Stride
New songs

Genre: Post Punk, Indie Pop Well, grabbed this news from FMA just to make sure you notice it too. The first song I heard from them was [mp3] Theme from Teenage Suicide. And this is probably their best. But it's unfair to reduce them on this brill …
Tungs - 2010 - Sleeping

2010 - Sleeping

Genre: Psych Noise Garage Pop Label: bandcamp/self This kicks ass - the opener is pretty wild and so is the whole album. Great mixture of energetic garage, lofi noise pop/punk which bored me not a single second. Maybe a bit too much distortion, …
Magdalena Solis - 2010 - Hesperia (Tape/Digital)

Magdalena Solis
2010 - Hesperia (Tape/Digital)

Genre: Psychedelic Label: Upcoming release Dying For Bad Music February 2011 Who was Magdalena Solis is real? There is not so much to find about her. She was something like the High Priestess of Blood in an obscure cult in Mexico around 1963. …
Her Name is Calla - 2010 - The quiet lamb

Her Name is Calla
2010 - The quiet lamb

Genre: Post-Rock (with the post and the rock) Label: Denovali I almost thought post-rock was dead. But it´s not. at all. Some bands still keep it up…So do Her name is Calla. Earlier this year we already featured their beautiful song/video Long G …
No Age - Ambient/Drone Set on WFMU + Stream the whole new album

No Age
Ambient/Drone Set on WFMU + Stream the whole new album

Genre: Guitar Drone Ambient/ Noise Rock Label: Sub Pop Yeah No Age, great new record, right? Just stream the whol damn thing below. WFMU is the best radio station in the world, and No Age played there live in studio - and they just leave all roc …

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