Tungs - 2010 - Sleeping

Paul Himmelman- guitars, drums, synths, percussion, vocals
Ben Miller- guitars, bass, synths, percussion, saxophone, vocals
Alex Criqui- guitars, bass,drums, synths, percussion,

album art by Annie Bennett

recorded at Bad Grrrl studios/our bedrooms and house in Richmond, Va

If the bandcamp download amount is over the monthly allowance you can get our Album for free at theacmethunderer.com

Contact: tungsband@gmail.com

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2010 - Sleeping

Tungs - 2010 - Sleeping

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Genre: Psych Noise Garage Pop
Label: bandcamp/self

This kicks ass - the opener is pretty wild and so is the whole album. Great mixture of energetic garage, lofi noise pop/punk which bored me not a single second.
Maybe a bit too much distortion, but it's ok. So checkout...


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