Foals - 2010 - Daytrotter Session !!!

2010 - Daytrotter Session !!!

Foals - 2010 - Daytrotter Session !!!

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Genre: (kind of) indietronic, math rock influenced
Label: sub pop (yeah! they got the right hand as always)

(Warning, once again I can´t stay objective on this one...)

Probably you´ve already got enough from Daytrotter Sessions posted here (not of the bands doing them, but maybe because you already got the newsletter, too, just as I do), but I don´t really care at all, because...I mean...FOALS!!! can´t be recommended enough, even less they recorded some free stuff that can be posted here.

So the Daytrotter Session consists of songs or to be exact the 3 singles from this year´s album-of-the-year-candiate "Total Life Forever". They did some great versions of outstanding and amazingly growing "Spanish Sahara", groovy-danceable and laid-back "Miami" and the bit quiet and melancholy but nevertheless great "2trees".

As you´ve probably noticed Foals are one of my favourite bands and the Daytrotter Session just reminded me that I still missed to see them live...sadly....
Anyways...this is totally recommended! (I mean...just listen to that accent in the welcoming part!^^)



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