The Shilohs - 2010 - The Shilohs EP

The Shilohs
2010 - The Shilohs EP

The Shilohs - 2010 - The Shilohs EP

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Genre: Indie Pop/Rock
Label: cakes and tapes

This post is in some kind related to the one I posted before. Both artists are at netlabel cakes and tapes. Seems they´ve got a right hand for good, pardon, bad music...

The Shilohs sound like a number of friends got together playing some tunes, having lots of fun doing it and besides are creating really good countrybased/-related indie pop/rock.

The result of those sessions is displayed on The Shilohs, their selftitled debut EP: a collection of beautifully crafted pop songs, evoking the late 60s/early 70s golden years of American pop rock, from straight rock and roll catchy melodies to slow, pleasant ballads and sing along friendly pop songs.

information/download at bandcamp
or directly here



Btw, I also recommend the Yuni in Taxco EP over at cakes and tapes bandcamp.

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