Her Name is Calla - 2010 - The quiet lamb

Her Name is Calla
2010 - The quiet lamb

Her Name is Calla - 2010 - The quiet lamb

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Genre: Post-Rock (with the post and the rock)
Label: Denovali

I almost thought post-rock was dead. But it´s not. at all. Some bands still keep it up…So do Her name is Calla.

Earlier this year we already featured their beautiful song/video Long Grass.
At first impression the whole album "The Quiet Lamb" indeed seems to be, as the name suggests, a really quiet one. Sparse instrumentation - often only voice, guitar/piano and silence - dominates. But then there are the progressive, energetic bursts with a little dramatic/pathetic propensity (as typical for the genre) like in "pour more oil" or "a blood promise" or this incredible increase in ambitious hymn "Condor and River". This variety makes it exceptional. From quiet and melancholy to grand, pathetic and loud there´s everything in it.
The record ends up with an absolutely epic three-song-masterpiece.
I´m not sure, but it seems the whole album was recorded live (I mean "as a whole" and not all instruments individually), which gives it another special touch and extra point :)

This made me believe in post-rock again. There are still some great bands out there trying to bring new influences and potentials to maintain this genre which was seemingly stagnant (but it´s not). For example Amiina made a great new record too and needless to say that almighty Godspeed You! Black Emperor are back giving shows at the end of this year and next year.

It´s not for free, but you can hear some songs at soundcloud and purchase it directly from their or the denovali shop (limited vinyl edition!).

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